Hair Removal Cream vs. At-Home Wax Strips: Which is Right for You?

If you’re tired of shaving your legs, or don’t have time to schedule salon waxing appointments around your summer pool party calendar, you may be wondering what your alternatives are! Two of our favourite at-home methods for sexy and smooth legs are hair removal creams and wax strips. We partnered with Veet to help guide you in deciding which method is right for you. Watch the video below to learn more!

Which method is right for you?

Hair Removal Creams

  • Totally painless!
  • Leaves your skin feeling moisturized
  • Lasts two-times longer than shaving

Try: Veet Hair Removal Aloe Vera and Vitamin E ($11.97)

At-Home Wax Strips

  • 28 days of smooth skin
  • Works on short and stubborn hair
  • A portion of the price of a salon visit!

Try: Veet Natural Inspirations Wax Strips ($12.99-$21.99)

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  1. Avatar

    Both products work very well in my opinion. Specially if you use them together for a pain free hair removal.

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