Get the Latest Nail Trends at Home

Every beauty junkies knows that nails are the it accessory this season. There are more trends and colours and long lasting formulas than ever. But, really, who has money for a trip to the nail salon every week? Instead, break out the nail polish and read on to get your own salon-worthy nails at home.

Big Tipper

Traditional French manicures are always classic and chic but if you’re looking for something a little more edgy, opt for an unexpected colour other than white. Hues like crimson, black and chrome are especially eye-catching. To get this look, start by applying a nude base coat to your entire nail. Next, carefully apply the colour of your choice to the white tip of your nail. If your hands are a little on the shaky side, try sticker guides to get the perfect crescent shape. Finish with a clear topcoat to add shine and seal your polish.

Getting Faded
If you have long nails, try a design that starts out dark at the top and fades toward the bottom. When choosing a nail polish, select something glittery with a clear base as opposed to a solid colour to achieve flawless fading. Start by applying a nude base coat to your nail to create a soft, smooth surface. Next, apply a generous amount of glittery polish to the tip your nail and lightly pull excess polish down toward the cuticle with a slight flicking motion at the end. This technique can take a bit of patience so build it up with several strokes and finish with a clear topcoat. Also, feel free to change directions for a bottom-to-top fade!

Ombre black and clear nails

Crescent Moon
Known as a reverse French manicure or a half moon manicure, this vintage-inspired nail look has gained recent popularity in the fashion and beauty industry. To start, carefully paint the crescent-shaped area near the cuticle white. Next, using the colour of your choice, paint the remaining area of the nail. Although black is often used for these kinds of manicures, deep reds can also create a glamorous look. Make sure to create a clean, curved line where the white nail polish meets the coloured nail polish. As with any nail design, finish with a clear topcoat.

Half moon manicure

Split Personality
For an easy design that will elongate the appearance of shorter nails, try a half-and-half split. Quite simply, apply a stripe of one colour to the right half of each nail followed by another stripe of a different colour on the left side of the nails. Of course, finish with a clear topcoat. Because this look is so simple, colour choice is key. Black and white has a distinctly mod feel while silver and gold can make a powerful statement next to each other. Stay away from combinations like pink and purple or green and blue which can look a little too cutesy for that important board meeting.

Sympatico Image


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