Four Must-Have Winter Moisturizers 

The transition from fall to winter is an adjustment on its own, but when draping on snow gear, remember that our skin requires an extra layer too“ moisturizer. Come December, dreaded flaky and itchy skin become a product of low humidity and brisk temps. Since our skin is exposed to less moisture, it’s our job to bring it right back. Here’s a faithful guide to live-by this chilly season:

1. Natural Ingredients
Fresh“ Soy Face Cream, $38¨
Before you go and slather on the first moisturizer you spot at the drug store, pay attention to the ingredients. If your skin isn’t accustomed to heavy creams or serums, opt for a moisturizer with a lighter build. The best way to aid your poor, dry skin, is by making sure all ingredients have been derived naturally. This face cream is paraben-free, meaning it doesn’t contain preservatives that may be harmful to your health. It’s primary made with soy protein, cucumber extract and Vitamin A, C, and E “ all of which help hydrate and nourish the skin.
Fresh Soy Face Cream 

2. Long-term Hydration
L’Oré©al Paris“ Nutrissime Reactivating Moisturizer for Dry and Sensitive Skin, $10

Besides focusing on a product’s ingredients, the hydration duration is equally important. In other words, find out if a moisturizer will nourish the skin throughout the day, and not just a few hours. Invest in a top-quality product that not only keeps skin moist upon application, but aids the skin in retaining moisture long-term. This L’Oré©al cream does just that. As skin sensitivity increases in the winter, this product helps reproduce the protective layer of the skin.
L'Oré©al Paris“ Nutrissime Reactivating Moisturizer for Dry and Sensitive Skin 

3. Multi-Purpose
Nuxe“ Cré¨me Fraé®che® de Beauté© Suractivé©e, $42

This moisturizing cream hydrates all layers of the dermis, but also restores it when you’re worn-down and stressed. This product will soothe dehydrated skin for 24-hours at a time, so you don’t have to worry about constant re-application. While its consistency is on the thicker side, it absorbs well into the skin, producing a vibrant and healthy looking glow. The product contains honey extract and soothing plant oils, naturally purifying ultra-dry skin complexions.
Nuxe“ Cré¨me Fraé®che® de Beauté© Suractivé©e 

4. Sun Protection
Neutrogena“ Ageless Essentialsâ„¢ Continuous Hydration SPF 25 Day Lotion, $17.69
Sunscreen is just as important to wear in winter, no matter the amount of snow on the ground. A common fact to most, but when the sun is forever hidden behind clouds, it’s difficult to pick up on the whole SPF-winter habit. Your best bet? Finding a reliable cream“like this Neutrogena product“ that hydrates the skin and protects against sun exposure. This particular product supplies broad-spectrum protection, meaning it shields the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. Just remember that some sunscreens only protect against UVB rays, not UVA.
Neutrogena“ Ageless Essentialsâ„¢ Continuous Hydration SPF 25 Day Lotion


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