Four Makeup Misconceptions

Whether you wear it naturally or to add drama to a look, makeup is essential in taking your aesthetic from standard to fantastic. But despite the endless dos and don’ts you’ve clearly been bombarded with, there are certain makeup misconceptions it’s easy to become the victim of. Luckily, we’re about to spare you further grief: here’s our list of the biggest makeup mistakes we’ve all found ourselves making, and how to avoid them the next time.

Streaky Blush

Regardless of what magazines, editors and runway shows have taught us, while bold colour should be applauded, streaky blush will only serve to make you look like the 1980s gone awry. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to blend dramatic shades into your existing skin tone, just it apply using a large round brush, and sweep in a downward direction from your ear to the tip of your nose. While the sweeping motion should abolish any streakiness, you can then use your fingers to blend in any existing contrast. Your blush will still be bold, but not in the sense of a beauty don’t. 

Bronzer Overload

While blush can be a relatively far cry from your natural skin tone, when applying bronzer, it’s important to opt for the shade you’re relatively similar to, and not the colour you’re hoping to be. True, bronzer’s meant to add some charisma to an already pale aesthetic, but if you apply a dark tone to your entire face, you’ll have a glow that mimics that of Snooki as opposed to Kate Bosworth. Just make sure you choose a shade that’s in the same colour family as your natural tone: that way, as spring and summer begin, you’ll be able to move through the bronzer colour family as opposed to tanning for a goal.

Bold Lipstick

It’s no secret that we’re supporters of bold lipstick and dark colour tones. However, when it comes to applying lipstick, it’s important not to make your lips seem waxy or overly matte “ regardless of how dramatic you want your pout to be. Whether you choose to wear red, brown-infused, pink or orange, it’s best to apply your lipstick not directly to your lips and instead with a lip brush, giving your mouth some shape as well as some dimension, since the stick itself can make your lips seem flat, undefined and dated.

Under-eye Darkness

The smoky eye is a look we’ve never grown tired of, but if you’re already prone to dark circles or to bags, it’s important to avoid bringing out those features with dark shadow and liner. Yes, it’s important to blend the dark tones and apply them evenly above and below the lash line, but it’s equally crucial to use an under-eye highlighter to prevent the bold tones from bringing out the aftermath of too many nights out. If you’re lacking highlighter, you can always concentrate on the bottom corners: like the 1960s mods, simply play up your top lid and capitalize on shadow above the lash line, sweeping your eyeliner outwards like Elizabeth Taylor or Twiggy to create a dramatic cat’s look.

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