Essie’s Lead Nail Artist, Rita Remark talks NYFW and Spring Nail Trends

Essie Canada’s lead nail artist, Rita Remark, has been busy this week backstage at New York Fashion Week keying nail looks for Wes Gordon, Yigal Azroué«l and Alice + Olivia. Plus, lending her skills to many more. We caught up with her to talk about spring’s emerging trends and the energy at fashion’s hottest event of the year.

29Secrets: Which runway show nail look are you most excited about?

Rita Remark: I always look forward to the nail look at Rebecca Minkoff.  The key nail stylist, Michelle Saunders and Rebecca Minkoff are always creating new techniques and playful out-of-the-box designs season after season.  Personally, I always look forward to working with Wes Gordon. Last season we created the “red velvet” french manicure and this season we designed a “linen” look.  Needless to say, the shows that focus on releasing new and unique nail art looks are the ones I am most excited about.

Right: Rebecca Minkoff S/S 2014, Left: Wes Gordon S/S 2014

What is the energy like backstage?

The energy backstage at New York Fashion Week is always, without exception, high. I call it calm chaos. The clock is always ticking, everyone has a job to do, but everyone is in everyone’s way and yet, somehow, it always works out and the models always look fantastic.

What trends are you seeing for spring 2015?

The trend scope is starting to come into focus for spring and I’m excited to announce that nails are exciting again! After a few seasons of primarily clean, buff nails, I’m seeing fabulous colour primarily in bold pastel shades.  We are even seeing some subtle, yet striking graphic and texture inspired nail art designs.  Watch for painting techniques, stripes in every direction, matte finishes and even 3D effects.

How do you prepare for the madness of NYFW?

I prepare for NYFW in many ways.  Professionally, I plan all of my outfits (down to the accessories) in advance, so I don’t have to think about it on the day of the show.  Creatively, I make sure to take one day before fashion week starts to research and find inspiration.  I’ll buy fashion magazines, visit galleries, take photos and then play with my polish collection.  I call it my creative research day.  Personally, I make sure to get plenty of sleep beforehand because I don’t get much during.

What spring Essie shades are your favourite?

This spring my favourite Essie shades are the cornflower blue Bikini So Teeny seen at Costello Tagliapietra and Rebecca Minkoff and Go Ginza seen at Alice + Olivia. 

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