The Dressy Ponytail

The ponytail has normally been reserved for lazy days and workouts, but with humidity still a presence in the last of summer’s days, the ponytail makes a chic and sleek alternative for a night out. The stars have struck the red carpets, pairing the pony with the best in Hollywood couture. With so many ways to style it, we’re confident that you’ll find your match made in hair heaven.

Pick Your Part
It’s classic to sweep your locks to the side. To embrace the hippie in you, give yourself a sleek centre part.

High or low?
Screaming or subtle? A low pony is demure while high on the head energizes your look. Whichever way you go, make sure your hair is completely dry before you pull it back. We recommend straightening with a flat iron before securing your strands with an elastic.

A side pony is soft and flatters short and long locks alike. Side ponies are pretty with soft waves. Use a wide-barreled curling iron to achieve subtle waves, and be sure to finish with a light-hold hairspray so you can still run your fingers through your hair.

Finishing touches
Flyaways are no problem. A finishing spray or light hairspray on your hairline will keep things calm. For extra volume, contrast your sleek scalp with a teased ponytail. Tease lightly in one inch sections starting at the middle of the ponytail, working your way up to the base

All wrapped up
Big volume, or smooth and sexy, take a strand that is the width of your pinky finger from the bottom of your pony. Wind it around the elastic, leaving an inch or two to pull through the elastic or pin into place.

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