Deciem Beauty is Closing Their Doors…For Now

What the eff am I going to do without my daily fix of Deciem, The Ordinary, Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5?!! It smooths my crow’s feet into oblivion, softens the texture of my skin and truly erases years off my face. Seriously, people! This is a problem. I have one bottle left and the founder of the Canadian beauty brand, Brandon Truaxe has just announced he’s closing all of his stores and halting production on all beauty products. Immediately.

With over approximately, 30 stores across North America, Mexico, the Netherlands and the U.K., that’s a whole lot of people going without their favourite skincare items. And to be perfectly transparent, it seems as though the company was doing better than good. In fact, Deciem is/was projected to earn $300 million in sales in 2018. Last summer, Estée Lauder made a minority investment at 28 per cent. Not bad for a homegrown brand that only sprouted up five years ago. So really, there’s no definitive reason why it’s shuttering its global presence now.

Except that, in pure speculation, their founder needs a little time out. The Ordinary Beauty Company has been living up to its “Abnormal” tagline lately with very public firings, bizarre Instagram posts (complete with piles of garbage and dead animals), and aggressive declarations followed by contrite apologies and charitable donations to competitor Drunk Elephant’s cause, the International Elephant Foundation. All by the brand’s CEO, who has also recently stripped himself of his title and replaced it with “Worker.” The erratic behaviour has left beauty insiders and loyalists befuddled and quite possibly typing in and at super sonic speed, because you can still nab Deciem’s low priced, must-have items on their sites. At least for now.

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