5 Celebrities that are Hotter 10 Years Later

The goal is to get better looking with age, but if you look at your high school graduating class and what they look like now… well, the captain of the football team probably could have drank and few less beers and smoked a few less cigarettes. Dude looks rough! But, some people do get hotter with age, especially these five celebrities that either have found the fountain of youth, have talented doctors, or just God-given good genes (so unfair).

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

This year has been a complete revival of Gwen (and if you were born in the 80s you grew up idolizing her), except this version has flawless dewy skin, perfect hair and is dating Blake Shelton. So weird.

Jennifer Lopez

jennifer lopez

Seriously. What is her secret? Honestly, it makes no sense. The woman is 46 years old and about to steal your man! #Goals!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

This is more of a kudos to her style evolution and not her speculated plastic surgery. Kim has always been gorgeous, but her fashion sense and beauty game are light-years ahead of what they were back in 2006.



Just like Jenny from the Block, Bey has some youth potion she’s hiding from all of us. Ten years ago her album B’Day was a major success, landing her several number one singles. So, really nothing has changed.

Britney Spears

britney spears

Girl is making a comeback and with a much anticipated new album (and a rock hard new set of abs), 2016 might just be Britney’s year. Where was she ten years ago? Filing for a divorce from Kevin Federline. Yikes.

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