13 of the Most Romantic Perfumes to Wear on Date Night

The rules of romance are pretty simple: girl meets boy, boy asks girl out, girl says yes and, ideally, a bouquet of roses and a candlelit dinner soon follows. But not before the girl grooms herself from head to toe, agonizes over what to wear and group speed dials her squad every 15 minutes leading up to the big night. Her only autopilot moment: knowing exactly which perfume to spritz on. Because let’s face it, every girl has at least one seductive scent in her repertoire. Here’s our list of the 13 most romantic perfumes.

  1. Chanel, Chance Eau Tendre EDT

Pretty and pink with the commercial’s poetic tagline to “take a chance on love,” has had us hook, line and sinker since the delicate fruity floral eau’s debut in 2010. $105 for 50 ml, available at Nordstrom.

  1. Chloe, Eau de Parfum

The 2008 version of 1975’s OG namesake is just as sweet and floral with its DNA of rose, amber and cedar notes, but this time with a free spirited, sparkling overture. $122 for 50 ml, available at Sephora.

  1. CLEAN, Clean Blossom EDP

This 2017 eau de parfum embodies romance in full bloom with its bouquet of neroli, lilacs, freesia, orange blossoms, lilies, magnolias and carnations. $95 for 65 ml, available at Sephora.

  1. Dior J’Adore EDT

The Parisian fashion house’s 1999, perennial favourite has seduced more than it’s share of men with it’s sheer flower power of delicate roses and heady jasmine. $119 for 50 ml, available at Holt Renfrew

  1. Estée Lauder, Beautiful EDP

The 1000-flower scent has been synonymous with marriage since Willow Bay swapped her newspaper job to become the bride in the perfume’s first advertising campaign in 1985. $95 for 75 ml, available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

  1. Frédéric Malle, Carnal Flower EDP

If the word carnal doesn’t tip you off to this 2005 scent’s empowering effect, its blend of bold, spicy tuberose will, never mind its ability to inspire you to buy sexy lingerie. $355 for 50 ml, available at Holt Renfrew.

  1. Guerlain Shalimar EDT

When the name of the rich, exotic and spicy fragrance translates into “temple of love” in Sanskrit and has been a must-wear since 1925, you spritz on and carry on. $129 for 50 ml, available at Hudson’s Bay.

  1. Lancôme Trésor EDT

Props to its 1952 namesake inspiration, the 1990 elixir gives the spiced floral a fresh start with apricot blossom, rose, muguet and lilac before heating up with a woody, musky finish. $96 for 50 ml, available at Hudson’s Bay.

  1. Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps EDT

Since 1948, the fashion house’s first and most famous fragrance (and its doves) has been beloved for its harmonious blend of powdered flowers and warm, musky wood. $105 for 100 ml, available at Sephora.

  1. Ralph Lauren Romance EDT

Written right on the bottle since 1988, this eau’s outcome has been secured with its joyful elixir of extravagant flowers, velvety woods and soothing musk. $98 for 50 ml, available at Sephora.

  1. Serge Lutens, Bourreau des Fleurs

Smoky woods with, reportedly, not a flower in sight, the perfumer’s latest 2017 fragrance is as intoxicatingly mysterious as it is luxuriously romantic. $740, available online at Serge Lutens.

  1. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb EDT

OTT seductive courtesy of its spicy patchouli, the design duo Viktor & Rolf’s first fragrance crafted in 2005 remains the ideal spritz for anyone who wants to scream their love from the rooftop. $150 for 100 ml, available at Hudson’s Bay.

  1. Yves Saint Laurent, Paris EDT

Vibrant, charming and vivacious since 1983, not only does this flower-powered eau conjure images of the city of lights, it taps into its romantic vibe, as well. $118 for 125 ml, available at Hudson’s Bay.

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