How to Make Drinking Less Fattening

When we’re out for dinner with our girlfriends, we pay more attention to the contents on our plate than the substance in our glass. While vodka may appear as innocent as water, its caloric intake can be worse for you than a slice of cake. One shot of Smirnoff Vodka contains 100 calories, which immediately metabolizes into fat. Eek! So before you give your beverage an added punch, read on for ways to clink your glass in a guiltless fashion:

Discover your type. While the most effective way to lessen calorie consumption is to drink in moderation (experts say women should only ingest one alcoholic drink a day), some beverages are better than others. As mentioned above, a shot of liquor (1.5 oz) packs in 100 calories. But who wants to knock back a shot when a fruity cocktail is the alternative? A standard martini contains 280 calories, and once you begin swilling them down, its nutritional info won’t even faze you. So here’s a tip: avoid all cream-based alcohol like kahlua, and mix with soda water instead of standard soda.

Take a breather. Not only is alcohol damaging because of its caloric intake, but it also impairs judgement. How does this relate to its health effects, you ask? Think back to the last time you were inebriated: happen to drop by the local pizza shop, or decide to throw one in the oven instead? Yes, not only is drinking bad for us in itself, but it can encourage us to eat more. Experts say this is because alcohol increases our pleasure for food, and we’re more likely to nosh on grub that’s less nutritious. So have a glass of water with every drink you order, and pace yourself. The body is better able to process fat when properly hydrated.

Mix it up – with caution. The worst part about drinking is worrying about what other substances are being poured into our glass. If we’re hosting a cocktail soiré©e we may have more control over the matter, but more often than not – the bartenders are the ones spilling liquid into our glass. The key? Specify your order. Instead of getting a whisky sour (punching in 375 sugary-sweet calories), ask for vodka with tonic water with a squeeze of lemon. Not only is this a less fattening alternative, but you’ll be hydrating yourself in the process. If fizzy water isn’t for you, opt for orange juice instead.

Don’t forget to eat. Not only should we refrain from eating while under the influence, but should chow down a hearty meal before we start. If not, we will get drunk faster. It’s as simple as that. The problem is, we won’t realize how intoxicated we are after a mere couple glasses, and are likely to assume our body can handle the same amount it usually absorbs. The dilemma? We’ll have less control over what we imbibe, presenting all the more opportunity for cringeworthy eating decisions. So grab a snack before you sip, to avoid munching at the night’s end.

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