Cold Season 101: Surviving the Symptoms

Over seven million Canadians suffer from the common cold every year, with most people averaging about four to six colds annually. So, if you’re reading this at home, under a pile of tissues, Dr. Jeff Habert, a family physician in Toronto, is here to help! We spoke to him about combating the dreaded cold virus and how Advil Cold & Sinus Nighttime can help you ease the symptoms, including congestion, sinus pain, headache, runny nose, and sore throat.

First things first, let’s prevent a cold from happening altogether!

Ignore the old wives’ tales. Your mother may have warned you to bundle up before heading outdoors to prevent a cold, but according to Dr. Habert, that’s simply a myth. Catching a cold has nothing to do with going out naked in the snow with wet feet, he says. The reason colds are more prevalent in the winter is because we are indoors sharing the same circulated air. Colds are caught by shaking hands with another person with the virus, handling door knobs, and sharing pens or phones.

The best prevention is to wash your hands as often as possible and avoid contact with people who have the virus. And, if you feel a cold coming on you’re better off hitting up the drugstore aisle before visiting the waiting room of your family doctor. I would stay out of the sickly doctor offices and try an over-the-counter medicine, like Advil Cold & Sinus Nighttime, suggests Dr. Habert. Finally, when you have a cold, don’t spread your germs “ cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough.

Oops, you’ve caught a cold! Now what?

Unfortunately, no matter what you do that cold is sticking around for four to ten days, so focusing on easing the symptoms is your best way to make it through. Dr. Habert has three steps that will help you survive a cold.

1) Stop and steam. Right before bed, sip a hot cup of tea or chicken soup and take a hot shower.  The heat helps with the congestion and gets things moving.

2) Breathe easy. A recent poll says 64% of Canadians can’t sleep at night because of congestion or sinus pain. When you’re suffering from a cold, your breathing may be obstructed by swollen nasal tissue. Look for a product that relieves the swelling “ don’t mask the symptoms.

3) When in doubt, sleep. Everyone knows the road to recovery begins with rest. You’ll want to use a product that relieves your symptoms like congestion and nasal swelling so you can rest, like Advil Cold & Sinus Nighttime. Then, close your door, turn out the lights and just sleep and you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

Colds by the Numbers

200:  types of common cold viruses

95: percent of Canadians who say they lose sleep due to cold symptoms

30: percent of married or common law Canadians that worry their symptoms (coughing, sniffling and sneezing) will cause their partner to lose sleep

60: percent of Canadians who say that having sinus pain is worse than having a cold

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