4 Reasons Why You’re Wonderful

Women have it rough: if it isn't enough that we're our own toughest critics, we have a lot of exterior pressure to contend with too: the piercing gaze of size zeros on the cover of every magazine; the new spring collection in store windows whispering that we aren’t fit enough or stylish enough; our reflection from the fitting room mirror when we give into said spring collection. It’s a familiar feeling, that sense of never being quite enough. The thing is: you are. You just need a few reminders. Instead of competing with everyone else (including yourself), here are four reasons to remind you why you’re wonderful.

1) You’re an everyday model
While it would be nice, you don’t need a million-dollar modelling contract to pay tribute to your own brand of beauty. What do you love about your looks? Is it your full lips, the colour of your eyes, the perky bum you’re lucky enough to have without the pain of lunges? You are unique and beautiful. So identify and play up those features that you love. Nothing beats confidence, and by owning your look, your fashion choices and maintaining a positive body image, you’ve cemented yourself as a force.

2) You’re intellectual empowered
Smart is undoubtedly sexy. You have the ability to solve problems, you excel at your job, you’re active in the community and you’re insatiably curious – this is something to be celebrated. Not everyone has the courage to challenge themselves, make tough decisions, delve into studies or work for something that they want, so whether you’re at school, forging a career path or deciding where you belong, you’ve established yourself as an intelligent inspiration. 

3) You’re emotionally honest
Stoicism does not make a strong woman. Being true to yourself and your feelings takes stamina, honesty and genuine strength. Though not everybody articulates their emotions in the same way or through the same outlets, to deprive yourself of joy, frustration or grief is to do yourself a grave disservice. If you’ve been honest enough to say what you think or if you’ve pushed yourself to really experience emotion in a tough situation, you’ve reached a level of self-realization that many people shy away from.

4) You’re an original
You’ve likely been told from kindergarten onward that the fact that you’re unlike anybody else makes you not only unique, but seriously special. It bears reminding though, especially with the barrage of mixed media messages and the challenges we face living in a consumer-driven society. In the midst of all this, it can be difficult to centre yourself and to reach the ultimate “I am me” understanding. Take the time to reflect on your station in life and acknowledge that you are surrounded by people (and maybe even some animals) who recognize and cherish your uniqueness. You should too.

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