Give Him a Wardrobe Makeover

If there’s one thing that women can agree on about men, it’s their clothes. They might be outdated, mismatched, or just inappropriate. But women everywhere seem to agree that the man in their life could use more than just a little help in picking out his clothes.  In fact, this is one of the main causes for fights among couples — different tastes in styles. And while you may not like his clothes, that doesn’t mean he feels the same. Aside from maybe being a tad too revealing, when is the last time you heard a man ask his signifigant other, “Is that what you’re wearing?” Although this may be a touchy issue, there are a few tricks that can be used in order to help your man update his wardrobe without leaving either one of you angry. 

The biggest rule of all when it comes to relationships is compromise, and this is no different. Keep in mind from the beginning that neither one of you is probably going to get exactly what they want.  Now, remember to start slow.  By integrating new clothes slowly, your man is less likely to feel ambushed into a wardrobe makeover.  If you come home every now and then with a new shirt or dress pants, he’ll likely take it as a compliment and happily wear them.  The next time you’re out shopping pick him up a few items of clothing.  Browse the men’s section each time you need to pick up socks or a pair of flip flops. Sales will help you get the best deal, and showing up at a store often will ensure you know when sales are scheduled.  Besides, “But honey, it was on sale.” Or, “They were buy one get one free” is much harder to argue with than, “I spent $60 on a shirt you don’t want.”

The next trick in the book? Tell him his clothes are out of date — not every day.  But if you’re going out to eat with your boss or out for a nice evening, tell him you wish he’d wear something nicer.  “This shirt will go better with my dress.”  Or “I think you might get hot in that sweater.” Are ways you can soften the blow.  But chances are even if you flat out say, “I hate that shirt,” he’ll change if you ask him nicely.  Just remember to save this for special occasions. If you make him change every time he sets foot out the door, chances are he’ll start to put up a fight.

Finally, go shopping together. Maybe he’ll ask for your advice when picking items to match. Plus it can serve as a bonding experience for you both. However, if your man is one that you can’t get within 50 feet of a clothing store, forcing him to shop will be misreable for you both. In this case, it might be best to ask him what types of pieces he likes and shop yourself.  Or if he doesn’t mind couch shopping, look through online store selections together.

With these simple tricks, chances are you can get the man in your life into an upgraded wardrobe in no time, no matter how out of date his style

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