Editor’s Picks: Innovative Beauty Tools

Want whiter teeth, younger skin and flawless hair? Don’t we all?!

This past month I decided to try some of the newest and coolest beauty tools on the market right now. See what I thought of them:

Clarisonic Opal $185

Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System with Anti-Aging Sea Serum

As a 26-year-old, the signs of aging haven’t quite concerned me yet (thank goodness!), but, there is no harm in prevention. So, while testing out Clarisonic’s newest product that promises to give you younger looking skin, the things I was looking for were the following: Did my skin look more luminous and hydrated? Did my skin feel firmer? Was it easy to use? The answer is yes for all three. Although, it seems more high maintenance than applying product normally with your hands, the difference you feel after a couple weeks of use make it worth it. 

Rowenta Versa Styler $229

Rowenta Versa Styler

I first spotted this tool at Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week and had to try it. I typically curl my hair using my hair straightener, so when I found out this straightener is optimized for the best curl, I was excited. It took a little getting used to at first because I am so accustomed to the techniques I was using with a regular flat-iron, but once I got the hang of it, I was really happy with how my curls came out. Plus, this tool heats up fast, so you can get straight to work.

Pearl Brilliant White $195

Pearl Brilliant White

As a big fan of red wine, I am constantly concerned about the colour of my teeth. I've found it is hard to keep up with the routine of applying whitening strips every night. Pearl Brilliant White is completely different from anything I’ve tried before. I was a bit intimidated at first when I opened the kit by the large tray and the individual gels, which looked like something out of a chemist’s lab. But, once I read more about how this process was gentler (perfect for sensitive teeth) and faster than my current routine, I became more confident. After 10 minutes a day, for 5 days I noticed my teeth definitely looked brighter. I felt like I was smiling more!  


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