Reader Reviews: Jergen’s New Moisturizer

Jergens‘ brand new Replenishing Vitamin E Moisturizer is the latest winter dry skin saver! The rich cream is a formulation of Vitamin E and Beta Hydroxyl Acid. Enhanced with cocoa and shea butters, the lotion absorbs beneath the skin’s surface to help replenish lost moisture. It leaves your skin looking healthier, more luminous and feeling revitalized

So does it really work? Ten of our readers took Jergens Replenishing Vitamin E Moisturizer for a spin, testing it for five days. After using the lotion, they told us their honest opinion of the product.

The reviews are in!  See what our readers thought:

reader reviews

I have allergies, and I found this product great. I was worried I might have a sensitivity or reaction, but the scent was really subtle. “ Jodie Wright

It was light and fresh! The cream itself was not too thick. “ Cheryl Eidt

Good consistency and not too heavy. – Jill Naworynski

The lotion did improve the look and feel of my skin – helped with making my skin not flake since I have really dry skin especially in this dry weather. “ Christina Dragan

This product was comparable to some of the premium body butters I am used to using. Since it is a fraction of the cost and the bottle is big enough to last year round, I would definitely purchase this again! “ Sara Koonar, editor-in-chief of

I didn’t have to use as much product as with other lotions to get the desired coverage “ Lynn Grenier

The product was very easy to use and apply. “ Stephanie Willett

Before using it was quite dry and itchy (cold weather/heat on inside) but after using it wasn’t dry or itchy anymore. “ Sarah Desousa

I still felt moisturized even after hours of applying.  My skin felt soft and looked revitalized. “ Nadia Pellizzari

Skin felt silky, smooth and nourished.  I use moisturizer every day so I was satisfied with how I felt after the initial application. This is a lotion I would more than likely buy for summer use. – Lauren Habib


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