Your Guide To BB Cream

BB creams (also known as “blemish balms” “  hence the name) are more than just a beauty fad. More and more we’re seeing them hailed as the new be-all and end-all of skincare, so it’s time to get educated. Here’s your crash course in BB cream and how you can pick one out that’s best for you.

1. Skin type
Like you would with moisturizers or foundation, it’s important to pick a BB cream that works with your specific skin type. Do you have dry skin? Combination? Oily? That’s objective one: determine your skin type and work from there. Matching BB creams to your skin tone is easier: you want a product that works with your skin “ not something you’ll need a strong face wash to get rid of.
Try: L’Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautiful BB Cream, roughly $16

2. Skin tone
However, while BB cream has been hailed as a glorified tinted moisturizer (which it is “ but it’s also a foundation, concealer, tone equalizer and pore minimizer), you’ll want a BB cream that works to complement your skin tone. To see what works, apply a small amount to your jaw line and check it out near a window or the closest source of natural light. Since that’s the fastest way to spot flaws or mismatching, you’ll have a better idea of what BB cream tone to go for.
Try: Marcelle BB Cream, $22.95

3. Formula
While BB creams are renowned for being the jack of all cosmetic trades, certain brands do accomplish some things better than others. That’s why before you commit to a full bottle, you’ll want to speak to an aesthetician or beauty expert and take home a few samples. While each brand of BB creams fight to moisturize, conceal, even out skin tone and cover up blemishes, others boast high SPFs while their counterparts work to fight aging.

If you’re worried, fear not: you’ll find most beauty counters aren’t shy about offering samples, so be honest about your concerns and you’ll be directed to brands that target your needs.
Try: Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30



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