What Lorelai Gilmore Taught Me About Keeping a High Vibe in Winter

Our TV mom may be cynical in her humour, but she sets a phenomenal example when it comes to keeping it high vibe in winter. Since the first season, Lorelai has consistently gotten really excited -- never curmudgeonly -- about the cold season. So, Stars Hollow is pure magic year round no matter what, but I still think Lorelai can still serve as a fine example for us in the Great White North when it comes to staying positive. Here's what she's taught me.

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But it’s totally OK to hate snow and vent sometimes

Even a self-proclaimed snow-lover hates it sometimes and will make it known. We all need to vent, esp. in winter, and we can take it out on snow because we all def want to and there’s a time and a place for everything and what are friends for?

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