5 Summer Reads to Give You a New Outlook on Life

Along with the sunshine and re-emergence of friends, patios, bikes and park-hangs typically comes a desire to shed your winter skin. The start of summer before the lazy hazy days hit is the best time to make new goals and start anew. Pick up one of these five brand new motivational books for your next shore-side lounge and leave the beach with a new outlook and can-do attitude.

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Diana, Herself: An Allegory of Awakening by Martha Beck

diana herself

In this tale of transformation, an average woman suddenly finds herself leaving everything familiar and dropping into a magical world where miracles mix with the mundane. The story follows Diana into California’s trackless Sierras Oscuras National Forest, where she journeys with a world-famous life coach until the quest takes turn and she finds herself alone and dying”until she meets up with a spirit animal (which may or may not be an illusion). Liz Gilbert called this book “everything.”

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