Savasana and Salad: How to Eat Like a Yogi

There is more to yoga than sun salutations and handstands. The mindfulness, intention and gratitude that you create in yoga class can be used to enhance pretty much every part of your life, including the food you eat. Want to eat more like a yogi? We scrolled through the Instagram feeds of some yoga teachers and took notes on their salad bowl lunches and smoothie selfies. Here is what we learned. 

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Start your day with a smoothie

yasmin gow

Make the most of your mornings. Wake up, roll out your mat, do some sun salutations, meditate, find your center and get grounded. Then blend up a smoothie, like Montreal yoga teacher, Yasmin Gow. Fill it with fruit, greens, nuts and seeds for fibre and protein to keep you full all morning.

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