You’ll Never Guess Where We Went for a Wellness Getaway

Going on an adventure-filled vacation is always fun, but we also crave those getaways where we can just lounge around on the beach and indulge in pretty much everything. Of course, if we can throw in a few low-key activities to our getaway to make it a wellness trip for the mind and the body (and, you know, try to avoid putting on five pounds from enjoying the local fare, all the better). But there’s one place that you’d never guess could be a wellness destination: Orlando. While the draw to this central Florida city is usually the amusement parks, including Disney and Universal Studios, it can also be quite the laid-back locale for some R&R. Whether you head down to the Sunshine State for just some relaxation or are taking in the city in all its glory, here are some must-do things in between visiting Mickey and Diagon Alley. 

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Hit the water

While Orlando isn’t near the ocean, the impressive amounts of lakes in the area lend themselves to more water sports than you’d expect. Spend some time at Buena Vista Watersports paddleboarding around the lake and enjoying the sunshine (for which there is lots). If you’ve never been before, you can challenge your balance and, if you have, you can enjoy the views. After you’re done, park on the sandy slice of paradise and bask in the warmth.

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