The 5 Best Places to Travel Solo

Everyone should try traveling solo at least once in their lives. Sure, the thought of going to a foreign place all alone may be terrifying to some, but there are so many good things that can come out of traveling on your own.

For one, you don’t need to tend to anyone else and can stick to your own schedule, which means eating when you want, relaxing when you want and visiting the places and landmarks you want to see. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet and connect with new people. But the most important thing about solo travel, especially if it scares you, is it’ll get you out of your comfort zone, and allow for self-discovery and personal growth.

So if you’re doing you this year and want to explore the world all by your lonesome, here are some places you should check out.

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Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is known for being a great place for solo travel, thanks to its easy-to-navigate transit system, English signage and friendly locals. Plus, the subway system’s “Safe Waiting Zones” are monitored on video specifically to protect female passengers at night. While there, you’ll be able to experience the perfect mix of historical and contemporary points of interest, including the National Palace Museum, the Lungshan Temple and TAIPEI 101. But the best of all is the cuisine — Taipei has roughly 20 streets dedicated to food alone, so you know they’re serious when it comes to eating. Our recommendation? One of Taipei’s many legendary night markets.

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