6 Blogger-Approved Warm Lunches That are Just as Healthy as Salad

All the fresh lettuce and ripe tomatoes are gone from the farmers market and you're back to wearing sweaters and parkas the office. The chances of you making a salad for lunch? Slim to none. But that doesn't mean bread and pasta and cheese are your only other lunch options. Here are some warm lunches that are just as healthy (okay, almost as healthy) as a salad, from a few of our favourite Instagrammers.

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Grain bowls, like this one from Canadian food blogger Oh She Glows are basically the salads of the winter months. To make your own, just steam whatever vegetables you have on hand, like these green beans, snap peas and beets, and toss them with a grain, like quinoa. Throw some nuts or seeds, like pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds, on top and a little vinaigrette.

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