4 Outdoor Workouts to Try While It’s Still Nice Out

Well it's summer, friends, and with the indulgence of sun comes the opportunity to spice up your fitness regimen, bringing your mundane workouts to the great outdoors. Sometimes those gym cardio sessions end up being more about answering emails than actually breaking a sweat”but that important message can wait an hour, right? Sure, there are times when you just want to Netflix and chill (like actually chill), but then there are times that being present, you know, breathing real outside air is simply better than any House of Cards episode.

There are plenty of ways to up your fitness game and outdoor activities can be super rewarding. Here are some of the best outdoor workouts you should totally try to fit into your schedule this summer. Whether you're a solo kind or person or prefer camaraderie, there's something for everyone in need of some newfound exhilaration.

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Beach volleyball


Beach volleyball is a lot harder than you may think. Whether you opt to play singles or get a full team going, there is a lot of strength and endurance that comes into play. Think about it: indoor volleyball is intense but at least you have the spring of the floor, now with beach volleyball you rely on the sand and have to physically push yourself to reach certain heights, because obviously you want to make sure you get the ball over the night. So get out to the beach and start digging, bumping and spiking.

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