3 Books to Help You Adult Better

The road to adulthood isn’t an easy one, and no one ever nails it 100 percent, but these three books sure help.

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The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter by Meg Jay

The Defining Decade - Meg Jay, $20.50

To be blunt, a lot of crappy things are said about millennials. We’re lazy, we’re entitled, we’re unfit for the workforce”it’s not pretty. In Meg Jay’s The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter, she argues that many of us flounder because we’ve decided to treat our twenties as the decade that doesn’t really matter. We’ll travel for a while, and figure out the tougher stuff later. We don’t need to make any concrete plans because we have time for that later. Jay proposes that your twenties are essentially a time to lay the groundwork to set yourself up for a happy, successful life, and by not taking full advantage of this decade of growth we are stunting our true potential. While at times it can be hard to digest, I think Jay makes a good point. I think that many millennials, myself included, feel the pressure to choose the right path, and Jay is trying to tell us that we don’t need to agonize over the perfect choice, as long as we do something rather than nothing we are making a good choice.

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