10 Super-Cute Agendas and Calendars to Organize Your Life

For youths, back-to-school time is fast approaching. For those that just get really, really excited about stationary supplies, it’s that magical time of year when you can start fresh with a new agenda and buy pens without having to deal with essays (because work really is better when you have colourful pens and a new notebook). For those that worship that Lord of the Post-Its and take every new notebook as a new chance at life (always promising this time you won’t scribble, but five pages later your writing is no longer legible), September is the New Year (because who starts their new agenda in January? No one you should trust). If none of this is resonating with you and you’re just looking to bring a new order to your world, here are 10 agendas and calendars that will help you out. 

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Kate Spade Large Hoot 17 Month Agenda ($36)

kate spade


You can’t get more classic than the Kate Spade agenda. You enjoy the finer things in life and have high standards for everything, including your well-organized agenda. Normally you gravitate towards the more traditional polkadots, but this year you’re getting a little crazy and going for owls (which are still totally having their moment). Just because you crave order in your life doesn’t mean you’re not a hoot.

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