7 Dresses to Wear to a Summer Wedding

When you’re between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five, summer is three months, 93 days, and twelve weekends of worth of weddings to remind you of how utterly single you are. From May to September people seem to be getting married left right and center, and although this reminds some of us of our subscription to the lonely hearts club, this year we’re going to embrace the plethora of summer weddings as an opportunity to remind people of how attractive, fun, and single we are (but single in the good carefree way not the sad way.)

First thing first” finding the perfect dress. These dresses are lightweight, colourful, fun, and perhaps most importantly not white.

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1. Self Portrait dress, $539.69

This Self Portrait dress is trendy with a capital T, and with good reason. It looks good on just about everyone, and has been donned by bloggers like Songs of Style and every fashion girl that can afford the price tag. This dress is ideal for impressing your uncle who told you you were making a mistake moving out to the big city because it screams I’m successful, put together, and chic as hell.


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    Beautiful Dresses

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    I wear cotton tunics when it’s hot in the UK – no need to reveal too much, but they keep me cool.

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