6 Super-Cool Pins and Patches (and Where to Stick Them)

Gather 'round my loves and let me tell you a little tale about the best item of clothing in my whole dang wardrobe.

It all began several years ago when I bought a really ugly denim jacket for $8 at Value Village. It was meant for a costume that never really worked out. It was too big, it had gaping wide sleeves and it was boxy as all hell. Not a good look. That jacket sat in my closet for two years. Then, one fateful day, in a fit of DIYing adventure and fury, I cut the sleeves right off of that jacket and it transformed from Terrible Jacketâ„¢ to Magical Vestâ„¢ and my life has never been the same.

Season to season this vest has been my constant companion. And as I have worn it more and more, it has earned flecks of what some may call pieces of flair.


I have added pins that my mother gave me, ones that I have bought, patches that I haven't actually added yet but are sitting on my desk, patiently waiting for me to stop being so lazy and sew them on.

I now recommend everyone on the planet have a denim vest because it is the coolest thing you will ever own and it lends itself nicely to doubly cool lapel pins and patches.

If you are not inclined to a denim vest, here are some other places you can apply cool lapel pins and patches:

  • On a leather jacket
  • On a vest that is not denim
  • On a jacket that is not leather
  • On a crisp, white button-down shirt that is in the market for some jazzing up
  • On a backpack
  • On a fanny pack
  • On a Snack Pack
  • On your purse
  • On a cork board
  • On a headboard
  • On your jeans
  • On other pants

Click through to see my favourite places to find pins and patches for Magical Vest and get at me with your faves. Sharing is caring, my friends. 

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Coucou Suzette Tan Lines Patch ($12)


This little shop out of Paris makes the sassiest pop art pins, but my favourite item has to be this cute little tushie tan lines patch.

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