12 Wardrobe Essentials Your Closet Needs This Winter

Gone are the lovely (semi) warm fall afternoons, where you could get away with wearing just a leather jacket and scarf to work. Now, as soon as you step outside, you’re greeted with bone-chilling temperatures that will force you to retreat back indoors, vowing to never go outside until May. Or, you suck it up and begrudgingly stomp to work, trying to cry over how cold you are because you know your tears will instantly freeze to your cheeks and ruin your makeup. Despite winter arguably being the least favourable of the seasons, it does provide us with more than enough reasons to get decked out in some of our coziest items. While every season has its must-have wardrobe items this winter, it’s all about being warm while remaining fashionable. Here are 12 winter wardrobe essentials your closet needs this winter.

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Over-the-knee boots

Marc Fisher

Keep your feet dry and your thighs warm with a pair of attention-grabbing over-the-knee boots this winter. Make sure to opt for a pair that will not only make Julia Roberts in Pretty Women proud but will also be practical for stomping through slushy city streets. Our pick: This killer pair of Marc Fisher Yenna Over-the-Knee Microsuede Stretch Boots ($300).

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