4 TV Shows to Make Dad Watch This Father’s Day

Dads are, on average, 75,000% more difficult to buy gifts for than anyone else on the planet. Look it up.

This gift guide is easy because you can just make sure he gets the right channels and knows how to work his DVR. Or, just say "Happy Father's Day, Dad! Here is my Netflix password. Enjoy!"

You know what shows your dad loves already. Be his favourite child and the ultimate lazy-girl (I wear that title with pride) all at once and put him onto these series. 

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If he likes Arrested Development he’ll love Lady Dynamite


You probably already gave dad your Netflix password so he could watch the latest season of Arrested Development. So just remind him how to log in and get him to search Lady Dynamite.

Comedians playing fictionalized versions of themselves has become a genre within itself and Maria Bamford is the latest to do it right. Alongside Mitchell Hurwitz (creator of Arrested Development) and a slew of top notch guest stars (Patton Oswalt, Jenny Slate, Sarah Silverman) Bamford tears down the fourth wall and lets you look directly into her brain in a way that is sometimes uncomfortable but always funny. Dad will love

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