5 Movies to Watch for a Low-Key Mother’s Day

There are lots of ways to treat your mom this weekend. If your mother-daughter style is pajamas and popcorn, then a quiet movie night in with mom might be just what the daughter ordered (see what I did there??).

My mom isn’t much of a movie person, but there are a few standouts that she loves.

Since I live in a different city from my mom and can’t hang out with her this Mother’s Day, here are the weirdly my-mom-specific movies I would watch with her if we could have a low-key movie night together.

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The Rescuers Down Under


What better way to have a low-key Mother’s Day with mom than to watch her favourite Disney movie (not yours). The Rescuers’ adventures in the Outback were always my mom’s favourite and we watched it a lot despite the fact that my siblings and I all had an active dislike for that movie. Somehow it would still end up in the VCR regardless of our complaining.

Don’t tell her I said so, but I have since learned to appreciate this movie in a big way, maybe because I am not as scared of Joanna and McLeach.

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