16 Tinder Nightmares That Will Make You Die Laughing

First-time Tinder exchanges capture 21st century one liners “ the good, bad, and ugly

What can speak 24 languages and have 50+ million users? Tinder, that’s what! Ever since the mobile dating app popped up on phones around the world, meeting singles has become easier than saying 1-2-3. And if you ever tried online dating, or know someone who has, you’re aware it can be a long and time consuming process. Tinder cuts the hunt down by half, allowing you to filter by age and geographic location where you swipe left if you’re interested or right if you’re not interested to see if there will be a match.

We can tell you first hand that using Tinder can become a bit addictive, as well as fun. But¦ all good things come with a price and as a friend once put it, You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your Prince Charming. Online dating allows people to bravely approach, albeit virtually, the opposite sex, as well as softens the blow of rejection. It also, from some strange reason, gives singles carte blanche to say or write things they wouldn’t normally do in person, which can be good but in most cases can be very bad.

How bad you ask? That’s where Tinder Nightmares comes in. The Instagram account popped up online late last year and it shares real dating stories from real Tinder users, who e-mail screen shots of their Tinder conversations to the account. To date, Tinder Nightmares has only published 384 Instagram picture posts but has amassed a whopping 937k+ followers.

Why is Tinder Nightmares so popular? It captures the best, worst and most jaw-dropping Tinder exchanges between users. Some are hilariously funny and will make you ROFLOL, while others are just absolutely brutal.

Tinder Nightmares is definitely an account you need to be following on Instagram for its hilarity and the sheer fact that some men “ or should we say boys “ actually write these pick-up lines thinking they’ll land a date or even get laid.

So, without further ado, sit back, and read on for 16 Tinder Nightmares conversations that will make you die laughing 

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