Our Top 10 Favourite On-Screen Wedding Moments

Spring doesn’t just mean hay fever and denim bomber jackets: weddings come back in season once the sun comes out to play again. Instantly the passive aggressive mine-was-better social media photo shares start flowing freely, and while for the most part it’s lovely to see people celebrate a long-awaited union, sometimes, it can get a little cloying. I’ll say what we’re all thinking: more than once I’ve chastized myself for rolling my eyes at a real wedding, but without fail, I’ve shed a tear at more than a dozen on-screen weddings which don’t even concern real people. It’s a problem that I’m hoping other people share, because while friends are responding to RSVPs and trying to decide what to wear, I’m still thinking of my top on-screen movie moments instead:

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It doesn’t matter of you’re Team Aidan or Team Big: Carrie Bradshaw smashing a bouquet of peonies on Big’s head after he stood her up at the altar is perhaps more symbolic of their entire relationship than either the ceremony that was planned or the city hall solemnization that ended up actually happening in the Sex and the City movie. I know that Carrie and Big are currently living in the shadowy, happily-ever-after section of their story–you know, the part that comes after the movie ends and the characters presumably go on living their normal lives–but a whole generation of women (and, if we’re being honest, gay men) got their heart broken along with Carrie in this scene, and the communal experience itself is enough to give this I-don’t a spot on this list. 

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