9 TV Shows That Were Cancelled Way Too Soon

Each year TV premiere weeks promise slogans like the hottest and biggest thing to hit primetime and you don’t want to miss it, baiting us into thinking we’re about to play witness to a revolution of some kind.

So, we begin tuning in each week to see the soap opera unfold, whether that is through laughs or blood”we start to get hooked. Then without warning, the show gets cancelled and so too goes our favourite reason to stay home. Some networks give more opportunity to program growth than others. FOX is notorious for putting the emphasis on the first couple of episodes to see if viewership warrants a third, but it’s still the most watched network. Lately there has been more options for shows to distribute through online outlets like Netflix. Then there are shows like Nashville, which was cancelled last spring only to find new legs within the CMT Network, a typically non-scripted network with no ties to drama shows.

But, then there are shows that just seemingly aren’t ever coming back, and why they were cancelled in the first place is still baffling.

Here are nine TV shows that really way too short lived.

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Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks

Ran for: 1 season (1999 “ 2000)

Franco, Siegel, Rogen”they’re household names now, but in ’99 this coming-of-age dramaedy just didn’t get green lit for round two. Now, over 15 years later there’s a good chance it would be a massive hit, but Judd Apatow and company have moved on so I guess we should too. So the real question is: which is the better breed, freaks or geeks?

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