7 Movies You Need to Watch With Mom This Year

Mother's Day is that one day dedicated to honouring those strong females that withstood bringing all of us into the world. Sure, they should be celebrated daily, but that doesn't always happen and for that we are thankful for the special day that is about all-thing mothers.

Perhaps you have an evening dinner planned or a trip to the spa, or a Raps game is on the agenda”whatever the case may be do something sweet for your mom. And, if you and your mom are more about the homebody life, do not worry, there's a handful of Mother's Day movies perfect to snuggle, laugh and cry to, together.

We're not saying this is the definitive list, the be all of end all script, or the "you must watch these or you fail as a kid" movies, but they are certainly worth investing in, especially around this time of year. 

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The Family Stone

A movie that is perfect for all occasions indeed, The Family Stone is a necessary fix for holiday hangs, one-night chill sessions and mother-daughter dates. The impeccable cast consists of Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Claire Danes, Sarah Jessica Parker”need we go on? While McAdams may be one of the stealing starlets of the film, the whole lot shows the relationships between women, some that are mothers, but more so women trying to find their place among the family and in the real world. Romance, comedy, drama (real sniffle-worthy) are all part of the plot, which makes for a rollercoaster of emotions that you and your mother can feel out together.

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