10 TV Badasses We Won’t Forget

Television brings a bevy of characters to life and while they may be fictional, there are certain personalities we see on the small screen that we simply can't stop watching. Both females and males are catapulted into the spotlight and whether they're good or evil, or both, it's hard not to give credit to those unforgettable names that we can always treasure. Here are 10 staple roles that should never fade our memory.

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Cookie from Empire


Now for today’s most important question: who would you put your money on between Annalise Keating, Buffy Summers and Cookie? Cookie is another character we’ve desperately needed on television, a person that pushes through the day her way. And, if she wants to spend her money on clothes then she’s damn well going to. The woman even went to jail just to protect her family. She truly lives up to the family’s last name (Lyon) and is the mother that will do anything for her cubs. Anything. Plus, where would we be today without Bye Felicia, one of her many quintessential zings from the show.

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