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10 Fictional ’90s Girl Cliques We Wish We Were a Part Of

Whether you’re a ˜90s TV and movie fanatic or simply enjoy the nostalgic Netflix night, on-screen chemistry can be something magical to watch. These friendships span through decades with young and older female squads coming together for jokes and tears, and we’re in full support. Rewinding through our past, it’s hard to forget those mainstay girl troupes, but in case you have, here are 10 of the best ˜90s TV and movie girl cliques that made memories we should never forget.

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Daria and Jane from Daria


Daria was the ˜90s misfit character not really seen on screen before, especially in female form. After being written as a character on Beavis and Butthead, the spinoff got some serious legs and MTV struck gold. The woman behind Daria’s monotone voice, Tracy Grandstaff (who’s now a VP at Comedy Central), was not just the voice behind the banter, but she was part of the writing team as well. Who doesn’t love watching high school antics play out through deadpan humour and spoonfuls of sarcasm? Daria spoke the truths many of us feel inside, but we often end up smiling with I really can’t stand you eyes instead, perhaps this is why we loved the show so much. Daria and Jane’s sound relationship (even being cool with sharing the same guy) pushed varying viewpoints yet somehow the two always found common ground. Their unbreakable bond reinforced the strength of a solid gal pal with whom life feels just a little better beside. Plus, quotes like I hate this place, reminded us we were not alone. In sum, we get you D and J, we get you.

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