10 Father-Son Duos We Love

There is a fascination with celebrities and whether they like or not, having a famous name in the household typically puts the spotlight on the family too. With Father’s Day just around the corner we here at 29Secrets felt the need to celebrate some of the most famed father-son pairings, delving into the who’s who of La La land and beyond. Here are 10 of the best duos and a peek at what they do with their lives.

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Patrick Schwarzenegger and Arnold Schwarzenegger


The Schwarzenegger name may instantly bring images of Arnold’s tough guy accent or perhaps his reign as the Governor of California, but Arnold’s little tyke isn’t to be overlooked. A model, aspiring actor (Grown Ups 2, Midnight Sun) and someone who has had been linked to a mix of young stars (Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus), Patrick Schwarzenegger is becoming known in his own right, and he’s only 22. I’m sure having that last name doesn’t come with endless Terminator references though.

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