How to Throw a Bangin’ New Year’s Eve Bash

Whoever first uttered It’s the most wonderful time of the year regarding December like it was some sort of concrete fact was seriously overreaching (read that in a Mr.Bates-é -la-Freaky-Friday voice, please). Phrases really need to be updated to be 21st century-relevant. In reality, it’s the most stressful time of the year. The easiest way to survive the holidays is eat well and drink copiously. But to create a more in-depth how-to guide, I’ve collaborated with Melissa Andre, an events coordinator and creative director who is divided between Los Angeles and Toronto just like myself. Twiiiiins!

New Year’s Eve is the best part about the holiday season because it’s a night that everybody celebrates, but there is never any real pressure surrounding it. Plus, it’s a week after Christmas so there’s just enough time to wind down from that. So when done right, it really can be quite fantastic. Here are some tips on how to throw a killer New Year’s Eve party. If your party still sucks, then consider it out of my hands.

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Supply provisions


If you’re worried that your guests might not have a good time, trust me: free booze will help. Have some fun with it and set up a self-serve drink cart with an assortment of hard liquors, mixers, glasses, paper or glass straws and drink stirrers. Crack out champagne in personalized flutes at countdown for a real crowd-pleaser. It’s also wise to provide finger food that pairs well with bubbly, such as fresh strawberries or mini chocolate cupcakes.

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