8 Cookbooks for the TV-Obsessed Gourmand in Your Life

Think of some of your favourite TV shows and your nightly/weekly rituals when watching them. What are you almost always doing? If you answered eating snacks or some sort of meal whilst sitting on the couch, you’ve probably also craved the various dishes served up by some of your favourite characters.

If you’re not much of a television watcher yourself, surely there’s someone in your life who would just love to know how their beloved TV shows prepared the tasty dishes they’ve gotten but a mere glimpse on their screens. These TV show-themed cookbooks are gifts that keep on giving.

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Eat Like a Gilmore: The Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of Gilmore Girls


So we obviously had to add this one, for when you’re watching the revival, or just re-watching the original series–or perhaps when you’re home, hanging out with your mom.

Must-try recipe: Deviled Eggs (to eat, or throw at someone’s car. Just saying.)

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