5 Super-Cool Gifts For Every Guy On Your List

Guys can be hard to buy for, especially if they're not your run-of-the-mill guy's guy. But, if you know what kind of dude you're shopping for, it makes things a little bit easier. We've rounded up five super-cool gifts for every guy on your list to help you get started, whether it's your S.O., your bro or your pops. These gifts are so cool, you can keep keep the receipt to yourself -- he won't need it.

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The Gadget-Obsessed

Belkin WeMo Switch Wi-Fi Plug

We’re not just talking that this guy likes his iPad and that’s it. No, this is the guy that is into the coolest gadgets, no matter what they are, always trying to make the home and lifestyle “more efficient” and tech-fuelled. For this guy, wrap up the Belkin WeMo Switch Wi-Fi Plug ($50, bestbuy.ca): You can connect it to your smartphone via the WeMo app and control anything plugged into it from around the world and even schedule your electronics to turn on and off at your choosing.

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