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10 Under-$29 Stocking Stuffers for Him

Stocking stuffers are awesome at any age and you can actually get some cool stuff at a decent price. Not everyone has the budget to spend heaps of money nor does everyone always expect lavish keepsakes, and if this is your boyfriend he should be happy with whatever you get him. However, there are some special items that any man should appreciate — if not, hey, you tried. Here’s a list of 10 reasonably priced gift items that you can pack up and give to that wild partner of yours.

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Kombi Canada Camp Hat ($25)


A knitted hat with a pompom can be the newest addition to the cuteness overload you two already experience. Seeing him wear it will be even cuter, but play up the whole “it’s for the cold” contention, no need to tell him you’re just getting it for your own warm feels. And, you can steal it every so often.

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