Makeup Picks to Best Flatter a Paler Complexion

Look outside. What do you see? If your view is anywhere in chilly Canada, most likely you'll see gray, dull skies. This generally lends an overall sense of blah to your complexion, which makes the freezing season even more depressing. While a shot of bronze in the form of a spray tan (because you never go tanning in a solarium, right?) is one option, embracing a paler skin tone can be chic and more seasonally appropriate. Here are your secret weapons for a luminous glow on the lighter side of the skin spectrum.

NARS’ multiple sticks reign supreme when it comes to gorgeous, brightening illuminators that glide on skin and impart a glow with a subtle shimmer. For a paler tone, a pearly sheen looks most natural and seamlessly illuminates skin, which makes Copacabana the perfect pick. Looking fresh, modern and never frosty, it beautifully highlights the face and leaves you looking radiant.

NARS the multiple

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