Get Ready for Sandal Season Without the Pricey Pedicure

This is right around the time of year that you start to realize that you're not exactly sure the last time your toes actually last saw the light of day? Well with summer knocking down our door it won't be long yet and there is no better time than now to start prepping for flip flop season! We're here to tell you how to do it without the expensive trip to the spa.

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Clip ˜em right


The right time to clip your nails is after a good soak, when they are at their softest. But the real trick is know the right way to clip them. Using a pair of good clipperswe love Sally Hansen’s Treat Your Toes Control Toenail Clippers ($tk, available at mass drugstores)”and cut straight across your toenail. Avoid trying to round the edges of your toenails as it can cause ingrown toenails. Blech.

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