6 Seductive Scents to Rock on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only special if you make it so. You can easily downplay its importance and pass it off as just another day, or you can get hyped and make an event out of it if that’s what you want. If you’re choosing the latter option, however, sometimes you need to up your game in subtle ways to keep up with the excitement.

You can try something new with your makeup, of course, or you can opt for a fancy new little black dress, but if you’re truly looking for an indulgence that you can use over and over to make any date night special in the future, it’s smartest to go with a sizzling new scent. Amp up your olfactory signature and watch it change the whole mood of the evening: here are some powerful new fragrances that can help get you there.

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Marc Jacobs Decadence ($115) is exactly what it promises: a core of amber, orris and papyrus woods gives you a sensual, lingering scent that’s warm without being overpowering, while the opening notes of Italian plum, golden saffron and iris present a compelling bouquet that’s lush without being dense. Best for candlelit events and naturally sexy thanks to the earthiness of the jasmine sambac within, Decadence is the perfect match for a slinky black dress and sedate gold accents.

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