5 Winter Skin Care Products You Need

We have enough to worry about in the winter, why add a stressful skin care routine to the mix? We’ve made it super simple for you by narrowing down the must-haves. To help you with the dry, flaking and cracking of your skin, here are five products to help you fight against winter.

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Cream Facial Cleanser

Our skin tends to become very dry during the winter months because of the lack of humidity and moisture in the air, which leads to the most annoying winter skincare woe: scaly skin. And it becomes more apparent when applying foundation or any sort of makeup. Before lathering your skin with a heavy-duty moisturizer, choose your first line of defense “ a hydrating cleanse. Rather than washing your face with a foam or gel cleanser, go for a cream cleanser that has a hydrating claim. Plus it will prevent the initial feeling of tautness after a freshly washed face. (Try First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser, $25)


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