5 Ways to Get a Foolproof Summer Glow

By the time late spring and early summer around, we’re all dying to bare some skin. But after a long, cold winter spent covered up, our skin isn’t always up to that sun-worshipping status. While sitting in the sun has its drawbacks (we all know what the harsh UV rays can do), we’re all about grabbing those products to help get that gorgeous summer glow. To help you rock the perfect faux glow with the help of bronzing products we spoke with pro makeup artist Diana Carreiro at P1m (check out her amazing work on Instagram and Twitter) for some tips. With more than 25 years of experience in the beauty biz beautifying models, real women and celebrities with her makeup skills, Carreiro knows what it takes to create a flawless bronze look from head to toe.

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Find a bronzer to match your look

Bronzers for the face and body come in a lot of different finishes and mediums, from matte liquids, iridescent powders and even thick creams, so it’s important to choose a bronzer that keeps the end result in mind. Bronzers with minimal or no shimmer give the most natural finish and are best for daytime wear or those who have fine lines and blemishes, says Carreiro, while High-shimmer bronzers are great at night and on the body to add extra drama and bling.

But selecting one is not always that simple either as skin type should also be considered: While pressed powder bronzers work well with all skin tones, explains Carreiro, normal to dry skin types might benefit from a cream formula while very oily or acne prone skin would benefit from a liquid bronzer, though she recommends playing around with products to find the right one for your skin type. Carreiro leaves us with just one last piece of faux glow wisdom: Fair skins look best in sheer, slightly rose or peach-coloured bronzers; medium or olive skins look best in sheer copper, earthy bronzers; and dark skins look best in chocolaty-brown bronzers, says Carreiro.

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