5 Natural Fragrances to Spritz this Valentine’s Day

Looking for some natural fragrances to add to your Valentine's Day scent selection? Natural, organic essential oil scents are so much better for you, smell so much sexier and even last longer on your skin than some other scents on the market. Here are a few natural scents that will be irresistible for Valentine's Day.

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Rosie Jane James, $49


Light and floral, warm and earthy, classic and romantic, this natural scent from Rosie Jane has a base of amber and notes of fig and gardenia. This fragrance may have been made with autumn in mind but we think it has all the makings of a Valentine’s Day spent wandering bookstores and sipping coffee in a cafe with someone cute.

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    Hello there Erica Scime, You are given most informative article. we are never fully dressed without perfume. My partner like Vered Signature Scent. I also like this. Every perfume has its own set of notes’ which are responsible for the overall fragrance of the scent. It is really different.Thanks again for the article.

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