3 Natural Ingredients You Need In Your Beauty Routine

You might be tired of hearing it but it’s true: When it comes to beauty products, you shouldn’t put anything onto your body that you wouldn’t put into your body. So, here are three natural ingredients that you need in your beauty routine.

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Arrowroot powder

The first natural beauty ingredient you need to have on hand? Arrowroot powder. This dried, powdered starch from the arrowroot plant absorbs oil in an instant, which is why it makes for a great dry shampoo that will leave your unwashed hair feeling cleaner, softer and bouncier. Bloke makes a dry shampoo with arrowroot powder for both light and dark hair or you can get your own arrowroot powder from Mountain Rose Herbs. It is also gentle on the skin and has a subtle sheen, which makes it perfect as a base for foundation and blush. Moonrise Creek makes an arrowroot face powder that will give your skin a matte finish and a gorgeous glow.



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