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3 Hat-Proof Hairstyles to Get You Though Winter

First things, first. The weather messes with your hair. You probably know this if you have curly hair in the summer (humidity, amiright?), but the cold also does a number on your strands. The cold outside, plus the heating inside cause your scalp and your hair to become very dry. We spoke to Ké©rastase hair expert Colin Ford for some cold weather hair tips and”bonus”he's also sharing winter-proof hairstyles that will work with your warm weather wear.

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Cold weather hairstyle #3: Easy curls

You can still wear your hair down when wearing a hat”you’re just going to have to give up on your dream of voluminous, bombshell hair. And you’ll need to be extra careful of matting at the back of your neck”that’s not a good look. But Ford’s tip is to only curl the lower lengths and ends and keep them out of your jacket. You won’t need to worry about re-creating volume if you’ve already embraced a bit of smoothness at your roots.

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