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What to Do With Second-Day Hair

Stretch your hairstyle past that 48-hour mark

Blessed is the woman who has time to wash, dry, and style her hair every day of the week. For the rest of us, though, it’s inevitable that we just won’t be able to fit it into our schedule every single morning. Plus, if you’ve got coarse or curly hair, skipping a shampoo every now and then is probably best for your mane, anyway. In honour of this fact of life, we’ve got a few ideas to keep up your sleeve for those unwashed days. And remember, it’s textured, not dirty.

A good dry shampoo will help to absorb oil and add a bit of volume to second-day hair.
Batiste, Klorane, and Bumble and Bumble all make good options. In a pinch, you can also use a bit of baby powder or corn starch (although these tend to work better for lighter hair). Just make sure you spread the product evenly through your hair with a good brushing.

Day two is the perfect time to try to get some sexy bedhead, especially if you have some natural curl.
Embrace the slightly messier look of unwashed hair by spritzing with a flexible hold hairspray and scrunching your waves loosely with your fingers. Add some structure and volume with a big barreled curling iron.

Love a simple ponytail or bun, but hate that plastered-to-your-head greasy look of unwashed strands?
Use a fine tooth comb to backcomb your hair at the crown, before smoothing over the top and securing with an elastic band.

Oil is like nature’s own hair product.
Take advantage of it by trying more elaborate chignons and updos “ you may be surprised to find that your normally slippery hair is actually more cooperative and easier to stick into a complicated hairstyle when it’s slightly dirty.

Extend the life of yesterday’s blow-dry by running a wet comb through your hair to dampen it.
Give it a quick once-over with a blow-dryer, and finish with a paddle brush. You’ll get that freshly styled shine in less than half the time.

Headbands were made for hiding second-day hair.
Experiment with stretchy fabric options, skinny silk scarves, or hard Alice bands. This is an especially useful accessory for blondes “ you’ll be able to hide your part, which is where oil can make your roots look even darker and therefore dirtier.

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